About Us

For over 60 years, Ameeri has been focusing on constant development, endless improvement and innovative expansions.

(Ameeri Stores w.l.l) was established in the year 1952 and the Electrical Services contracting expansion (Ameeri Services Co. W.L.L) was recognized a few years later while focusing on providing more to our clients by diversifying our approach and establishing what is today.

(Ameeri Industries) comprises of Bahrain’s largest Electrical Plant (Ametech) as well as Bahrain’s sole manufacturer of road crash barriers and street light poles (Amgard).

We are glad to differentiate ourselves by providing full solution to our clients with

  • Electrical Equipment’s (Ameeri Stores w.l.l)
  • Electrical Solution and Illumination (Ametech, Amelite)
  • Electrical Civil Contracting (Ameeri Services co. w.l.l)
  • Road safety products (Amgard)
  • and more…